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Business License Online Renewal

****2015 BUSINESS LICENSES CANNOT BE RENEWED UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR RENEWAL FORM IN THE MAIL A PIN # PRINTED ON YOUR RENEWAL FORM IS REQUIRED. FORMS WILL BE MAILED BY JANUARY 5, 2015.**** Although your business license certificate expires 12/31/14, once you receive your renewal form, you have until February 28, 2015 to make your payment without penalties and remain in good standing. Not all businesses are eligible to renew online. If you do not receive a printed pin # on your renewal form, please submit your renewal form & payment by mail in the envelope enclosed, or in person at 1052 South Livermore Ave., Livermore. Please feel free to contact the Business License Department with any questions or comments about this process @ (925) 960-4310 or Thank you!
Please allow up to 30 days, after completing the online renewal process, to receive your new business license tax certificate in the mail.
Account #
Enter your business license account #. This number can be found on your renewal form under the heading "LIVERMORE".
Enter your online renewal pin #. This number can be found on your renewal form in the bottom right corner. If you do not have a pin# printed on your form, you are not eligible to renew online at this time.
Enter the characters in the picture below.
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